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Another Testimonial On This Life Saving Treatment

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Dr. Erin Elliott

In late summer 2012 I acknowledged that I had a sleep disorder. My wife was losing sleep as my snoring and restlessness increased. Her concerns grew with each apnea moment she witnessed. On more than occasion I had literally fallen asleep as I sat talking wife my wife (who is a great conversationalist) and lovely daughter. My performance at work suffered.

Following a visit with my primary care physician I was referred to a specialist and finally a sleep clinic for a sleep study. My BMI is in the normal range and I am good health. I could not believe I was a candidate to have sleep apnea. Even though I knew I was fatigued, I had a limited understanding of the health risks I faced.  The results and prognosis were quite frankly terrifying. I was ready for treatment. CPAP machines have saved lives. It is the most frequently prescribed treatment and I received one.

I tried; for one year I really tried to accept the machine. The mask never quite fit properly; the noise of the air through the tubing and escaping the mask kept me (and my wife) awake. Like many other sleep apnea sufferers the treatment seemed worse than the condition. For me the results were not positive and I was ready to put the machine back in the box. But I still have sleep apnea.

Enter Dr. Erin Elliott and the Somnomed oral appliance. Dr. Elliott is knowledgeable about sleep apnea and clearly outlined the pros and cons of this alternative treatment. I underwent a sleep study with the temporary appliance and I knew we had a winner. The sleep specialist and Dr. Elliott confirmed the result. The fitting and manufacture process was efficient and I had my SomnoMed within a couple of weeks.Her staff has been pleasant and available to answer any questions along the way.

The simplicity and convenience of the SomnoMed oral appliance has been a blessing. I feel more rested, alert and active than I have been for some time. It has changed my life. Not all patients are able to treat their condition with this method. I would, however, encourage anyone suffering from sleep apnea to call Dr. Erin Elliott at Post Falls Family Dental for a consultation before choosing your final course of treatment.