Do I Have a Sleep Disorder?

If three or more of these apply to you there may be cause for concern. Please let us know so that we can discuss this further.

  1. I have been told that I snore
  2. I have been told that I stop breathing when I sleep, although I may have no recollection of this
  3. I am always sleepy during the day, even if I sleep throughout the night, and get 7 or more hours of sleep
  4. I have high blood pressure
  5. I have been told that I sleep restlessly. I am always tossing and turning while asleep
  6. I frequently awaken with headaches in the morning
  7. I tend to fall asleep during inappropriate situations
  8. Others and/or I have noticed a recent change in my personality
  9. I am overweight
  10. The diameter of my neck is at least 17 inches (16 for a woman)