Oral Appliances for Dental Sleep Apnea Treatment

The only effective oral appliances are ones that are custom made for the patient and is FDA approved. The “boil and bite” appliances are not only uncomfortable and bulky they are proven to not work therapeutically. So if you have tried these before and they did not work for you that does not mean you are not a candidate for an oral appliance!

The gold standard for treatment of sleep apnea is presently with the C-PAP machine. However, only a minority of C-PAP owners are still compliant after one year. If you are one of the non-compliant, we can fabricate an oral appliance that will help open your airway and reduce the severity of your sleep apnea.

These appliances reduce sleep apnea associated health risks without the need for surgery, medications, or other therapies. A custom oral appliance worn while sleeping, holds the lower jaw forward and open, preventing the tongue and throat tissues from collapsing the critical airway. There is a high success rate for people treated with these appliances.

Even if you love your C-PAP and are compliant please consider an oral appliance for use when hunting, camping and/or traveling. Avoid that pesky TSA!

Oral appliances:

  • Travel well
  • Sleep free from attachments
  • Limited or no bite change
  • Makes NO noise
  • Does not requires electricity
  • No cumbersome head gear
  • No consumable parts to replace
  • Does not limit sleep positions

Different options tailored to individual need:

Adjustable Herbst Slimline

The Adjustable Herbst Slimline™ is a lighter weight, pressure-molded 3mm Erkodo® that affords added patient comfort and greater adjustment ease. The Herbst is a long standing scientifically proven custom made oral appliance that can help solve your snoring and sleep apnea needs.  This appliance is indicated when your insurance mandates it, you are missing teeth or you grind your teeth at night.


The ProSomnus Sleep and Snore Devices are the smallest and most comfortable custom made oral appliances available. ProSomnus MicrO2 utilizes modern clinical protocols, manufacturing technologies and engineering concepts to resolve the bulk and breakdown of traditionally fabricated oral appliances.  There is no coverage on the insides of your teeth and therefore gives you the most tongue room of any appliance.

Panthera D-SAD

The Panthera D-SAD is a dental appliance that can be used for the treatment of snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea. The appliance is made of a resistant biocompatible nylon called type 12 polyamide.  Essentially it is 3D printed appliance that is virtually indestructible (just keep it away from those dogs!).  The Panthera Dental team uses its own proprietary software to design the Panthera D-SAD from a 3D scan of your teeth.  Each device is designed specifically for you, the patient.


The SUAD appliance allows more lateral movement than most of the appliances, and is specially made for our patients who enjoy grinding their teeth at night (you know who you are) The thermoflex material usually requires heating in warm/hot water to soften it enough to place it every night.


The beginning… One of the first appliances on the market used when there is a lot of future dental work planned. It is also adjustable and custom-made.