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Don’t Drive Drowsy!!

Posted on July 9, 2015 by Dr. Erin Elliott

We’re so excited to share this testimonial from our patient who was told she didn’t have a problem until we got a chance to test her and treat her:

“I have struggled with snoring, being light headed in the morning and driving very tired into work every morning for the last several years. I even fell asleep at a red light (and bumped into the car in front of me) two years ago while on my way to work. I spoke with my dentist about a mouthpiece, but he wasn’t very helpful or encouraging, and informed me it would be very expensive. So, I decided to tough it out. (I was misinformed).

However, in March 2015, I saw a notice (not an advertisement- as the message was very educational about the health problem and a convenient solution as opposed to bragging up the facility) in the Liberty Lake Splash about the process offered by Sleep Better Northwest and Post Falls Family Dental Center: to test for sleep apnea and to work with insurance to secure medical benefits. This was the motivation I needed to make an appointment to determine if I had sleep apnea and if I met the criteria for the appliance (since I’m extremely claustrophobic, the mouthguard was the only solution to my problem).

Long story short- the first morning I woke up after using my oral appliance- it hit me that I was wide awake and clear headed; I also had more energy than usual. I drove to work without being the least bit tired, and I felt so much better all day. It has only gotten better from there.

I can’t thank Dr. Elliott and the team for making the sleep apnea solution so convenient. I’m also very thankful that the notice was placed somewhere where I was reminded about the seriousness of having sleep apnea.

The professionals at SBNW are friendly, helpful and excited about my success- and I just don’t have enough nice things to say about them! I’m just sorry I didn’t do this sooner!!!!!!

– Ceil O.