Sleep Apnea Appliance

Saving Lives

Posted on October 11, 2012 by Dr. Robb Heinrich

I just did a three week follow up with Debbie after delivering her Somnodent Sleep Apnea Appliance. Her results nearly brought a tear to my eye. She used to take naps often and almost always on the weekends: she has not taken one nap in the past three weeks! She commonly would wake up during the night and  have a hard time falling back asleep and may do this a few times each night.  She now states that she may wake up once or twice but falls back asleep right away.  On the weekends, when she does not work, she would sleep in until 9 or 10: now she has been waking up feeling great around 6 or 7.  Her fatigue level has diminished and she feels she can concentrate better during the day. This is Debbies first try at treating her sleep apnea and she is getting these great results in only three weeks.  We are now going to start the titration (adjusting) of her oral appliance and she should see even more progress.  Debbie’s choice to treat her sleep apnea likely added years to her life.  Congratulations Debbie on your life saving choice.