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Another Glowing Report

Posted on April 24, 2012 by Dr. Erin Elliott

Dear Dr. Elliott and staff,

Sleep Apnea, not anymore! I feel compelled to add my experience to those testimonials already submitted.  This has been truly a life altering experience for me.  After being diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago, I tried to adapt to the CPAP torture regimen.  After repeated attempts with several masks and watching my wife’s hair blowing around lying next to me in bed, I finally gave up and just accepted the fact that it just wasn’t for me.  So be it. Then last year, I was introduced to the Somnodent Appliance by Dr. Elliott and her fine staff.  Now, many months have passed and both my wife and I are two happy campers!  No more waking up tired, no more falling asleep in the middle of the day reading, no more snoring…Oh my God!  My wife has decided that she will no longer be looking for a new husband, as she has found that she can sleep without waiting for me to start breathing again!  It has been a life altering experience I never expected.  This simple appliance is the greatest thing since the sliced bread!

Thank You Dr. Elliott and Crystal, who is the best assistant ever!

Richard Shedd