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A Day In The Life Of A Sleep Study (Or Night In The Life Of A Sleep Study)

Posted on July 10, 2011 by Dr. Erin Elliott

When I refer a patient for a sleep study the first question I get is, “Will my insurance cover this?” Most of the time YES! And of course the next question is “What is it like?”

A few months ago I got to find out. I had the opportunity to spend the night in a hotel-like place without kids or a husband waking me up… OF COURSE I’ll go! I showed up with my pillow, filled out a little paperwork, talked to a little boy with nightmares that was having a sleep study too, and met the techs that were going to help me. People that get paid to have a sleep disorder and stay up all night to try to help people with sleep disorders. Ironic. I got comfortable in my pajamas and even more ironic I forgot my toothbrush. After watching my favorite American Idol I went to a different room and got “hooked up.” It was involved but more for the tech than me. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all and she explained everything as she went along. I was able to try the different CPAP masks and let her know what I thought was the most comfortable. Hooked up, potty break, and lights out. I would see them in the morning unless I stopped breathing enough they had to fit me with a CPAP. Fortunately that didn’t happen but unfortunate for my husband who complains of my snoring from time to time. I woke up in the morning almost forgetting about the wires and nasal canulas, unhooked, freshened up, and home I went. Easy peasy.